Teardown Picks Up Another Weekly Food Donation Run


The Teardown’s network of volunteers who distribute free food has been doing a donation run every Thursday night for several years. It’s a lot of really nice food, and people from around the neighborhood meet us at the porch free store on Thursday nights when the food arrives to help unload and distribute. Anything that is not taken off the free porch by Friday morning goes to the Lakewood distro, a pop-up grocery store where everything is free.

So last month when the store called and offered to let us have another donation pickup on Thursday mornings, we jumped at the opportunity. It’s even more food, in great condition. Word is already getting out in the neighborhood so people have been showing up to help unload and organize the free store and get some groceries. Today there was a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and cheese and eggs, flowers, and baked goods.

Want to get involved? We always need volunteers with the food runs throughout the week, and our weekly meal that we serve downtown in Woodruff Park every Sunday. Or you can just stop by the free store and while you are grabbing some groceries or clothes, help out by tidying up. Send us an email to see how you can plug in.

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