Neighborhood Artists Gift Us Pictures and Praise

Three members of the Edgewood community (ages 7, 8, and 9) came by the Teardown during Food Not Bombs cleanup today to visit the kitten and hang out. Having gotten prior permission from their mom/aunt, we let them in. Completely unprompted, cajoled or coerced, they made amazing depictions of the house, the cats, the people here, and the free store. Then they chose locations for the art to be hung for display (on the porch door to the free store).  On the backs were notes praising copwatch (which is the name most people in the neighborhood call the house and its members) and our food project.

The box on the right is a fridge with potatoes.

“I love you and I like cop watch”

Jail support training Tuesday 10/9

Jail and court support are a critical part of any resistance movement–after all, jail and prison are some of the most powerful tools of social control for the system.  Support is crucial for keeping our movements strong.  Failing to get enough support after an arrest can be isolating, exhausting and terrifying. Learn how to track comrades who are arrested through the jail system, bail them out, and provide legal support to beat the charges. You don’t need to be a lawyer to support arrestees, anyone can do it!

Tuesday 10/9
6:00 pm
80 Mayson Ave.