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Host an activist training from the Resistance School

The fight for social change involves a ton of different approaches, with different skillsets.  The Resistance School offers trainings to increase your power in struggle.

Do you or your group want to be more effective at a street protest?  Be able to protect yourself and others against police harassment?  Secure your online communication?  Give medical aid to protesters?  We offer workshops on these and many other areas.  If you have an interest that isn’t listed here, get in touch and we’ll try to connect you to any instructors we know.

We mostly give workshops when affinity groups or community organizations to invite us to, so please get in touch and arrange to host a training!

Know Your Rights and How to Copwatch trainings

Saturday May 26: Back-to-back trainings to set you up to do Copwatch in your community. Know your rights 2pm, How to Copwatch 4:15. A break in between. Refreshments provided!

Know Your Rights
Do you know when police are allowed to search you?
Do you know if you have to answer an officer’s questions?
Do you know when police are allowed to enter your home?
When we don’t know our rights, police can illegally harass and arrest us and get away with it. When we’re educated about our rights, we can protect ourselves and each other against police abuse.
Come to a free “Know Your Rights” workshop to learn the basics of asserting your rights when dealing with the police.
Topics covered include interacting with police during stops, in your car, in your house, and if you are arrested. We will discuss what you do and do not have to tell the police and what constitutes consent to a search.

How To Copwatch
This workshop covers good practices for “copwatching”, or video recording the police. Copwatching can provide important evidence of police misconduct, and sometimes even stop cops from abusing people in the first place. It’s important, but can be risky without preparation. This training prepares you to record the cops in a safe, legal, and effective way. Learn how to work in a small team to monitor police activity during large protests or everyday encounters in the neighborhood.

Questions? Call or text 404-939-7699


20-hour medic training this weekend

We still have a couple slots open for the 20-hour street medic training this weekend. Come learn to give first aid in hectic protest situations.

The training will be at 5:00-10:00 pm this Friday the 31st, and 9:30-7:00 this Saturday and Sunday. It will be at the Little Five Points Community Center.

Email delldot at gmail or call 404-939-7699 for more info.