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Help Launch A Copwatch Project in SW Atlanta

Our comrades with Community Movements Builders are developing a strategy for fighting police harassment and resolving issues in the community without involving the police. They’re training young people on doing neighborhood patrols in southwest Atlanta.

This is exactly what’s needed! Copwatch patrols have been an important tool in resisting gentrification and police in Edgewood, and we’re excited to see this effort in Pittsburgh, another neighborhood under threat from developers and abusive police.

CMB needs to raise funds to establish these patrols as a sustainable community-controlled project. Along with Copwatch of East Atlanta, we’re matching donations up to $3,500. Please donate!

Support CMB’s Community Patrols

11Alive story on our work against gentrification

Atlanta ‘Teardown House’ brings awareness to gentrification, police brutality

Residents of the Edgewood ‘Teardown House’ said this property is designed to shed light on various social justice issues.

ATLANTA — Some East Atlanta residents have come up with a creative way to speak out on various social justice issues.

They live in what they call a “Teardown House” which is a bright purple home on a busy Atlanta street where visitors are encouraged to “tag” the home with various political messages.