Resistance School: Online Anonymity Techniques

A Resistance School workshop.

The internet is a highly surveilled environment. Governments and corporations track our communications and activity online as a way to analyze, influence, and neutralize our resistance movements. Stalkers, fascists, and trolls try to intimidate and threaten us by compromising our anonymity.

We can fight back! Learn how tools like Tor and Tails work, and how to use them to protect your anonymity online.

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Jail support training


February 9, 2017 – 7:00 pm

Atlanta, GA

What do you do if your friends and comrades are arrested? Come learn from our experience

  • planning for arrests at protests,
  • bailing people out of Atlanta jails,
  • helping them navigate the court system,
  • and more!

The prison industrial complex is a key weapon of the system, so jail support is a crucial part of any movement. It’s a way to show that we can and will take care of each other even in the face of repression.