Resistance School: Know Your Rights / How to Copwatch


Two free trainings from Resistance School

Know Your Rights (10:00-12:00):
Everyone needs to know what their rights are when dealing with the police. This training teaches how to assert your constitutional rights using real-life scenarios to educate in a fun and accessible way. Learn what to say and what not to say when stopped by the police, how to act in jail, and more.

How To Copwatch (1:00-3:00):
This workshop covers good practices for “copwatching”, or video recording the police. Copwatching can provide important evidence of police misconduct, and sometimes even stop cops from abusing people in the first place. It’s important, but can be risky without preparation. This training prepares you to record the cops in a safe, legal, and effective way. Learn how to work in a small team to monitor police activity during large protests or everyday encounters in the neighborhood.

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