Blanket/Clothes Drive

The Teardown crew has been distributing blankets to homeless folks who sleep in tunnels and overpasses downtown. They are constantly harassed by the police and have trouble getting enough blankets to stay warm on these bitter nights.

We are asking for donations of blankets, sleeping bags, and warm clothes. You can drop them off at 80 Mayson Ave NE any time. This week they’re especially needed!

KKK plans to march on Stone Mountain – Let’s stop them!

The Klan plans a major march to the top of Stone Mountain on April 23rd and we need to stop it. This action is very symbolic for them, because the Klan was born at Stone Mountain a century ago. They’re hoping to make a show of force and capitalize on all the white supremacist activity that has been making headlines: from Trump to the Bundy Militia standoff to the confederate flag controversy.

It’s a critical time. This could be a moment where the KKK gains a lot more respect and members. Or it could be the moment where we all get together and slap them down so hard that it’s another century before they try it again!

Is anyone working to oppose this Klan march, or does anyone want to? Let us know!