Newnan anti-Nazi protest arrestees still need our support!

Nazis from the “National Socialist Movement” staged a hate rally in the Metro Atlanta area on April 21st.

A diverse coalition of anti-racist activists protested the rally, but police violently repressed these protesters. Cops attacked and arrested people with absolutely no justification – particularly people of color and other marginalized individuals – who are still facing state repression. Of the 10 arrests, one has had his charges dropped, two have taken pleas and paid fines, five still face misdemeanor charges ranging from pedestrian in roadway to mask-wearing to obstruction, and two face felony obstruction of an officer.

The defendants facing charges have not all been able to hire lawyers yet, so we are still fundraising for them. Other likely costs include travel, fines, and court fees. Please contribute what you can and spread the word!

Any funds remaining after the Newnan defendants’ needs are met will go towards supporting ongoing legal defense for Atlanta protesters.

DONATE HERE.  For more information visit the Atlanta Solidarity Fund

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