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Jail support training Tuesday 10/9

Jail and court support are a critical part of any resistance movement–after all, jail and prison are some of the most powerful tools of social control for the system.  Support is crucial for keeping our movements strong.  Failing to get enough support after an arrest can be isolating, exhausting and terrifying. Learn how to track comrades who are arrested through the jail system, bail them out, and provide legal support to beat the charges. You don’t need to be a lawyer to support arrestees, anyone can do it!

Tuesday 10/9
6:00 pm
80 Mayson Ave.

Know Your Rights and How to Copwatch trainings

Saturday May 26: Back-to-back trainings to set you up to do Copwatch in your community. Know your rights 2pm, How to Copwatch 4:15. A break in between. Refreshments provided!

Know Your Rights
Do you know when police are allowed to search you?
Do you know if you have to answer an officer’s questions?
Do you know when police are allowed to enter your home?
When we don’t know our rights, police can illegally harass and arrest us and get away with it. When we’re educated about our rights, we can protect ourselves and each other against police abuse.
Come to a free “Know Your Rights” workshop to learn the basics of asserting your rights when dealing with the police.
Topics covered include interacting with police during stops, in your car, in your house, and if you are arrested. We will discuss what you do and do not have to tell the police and what constitutes consent to a search.

How To Copwatch
This workshop covers good practices for “copwatching”, or video recording the police. Copwatching can provide important evidence of police misconduct, and sometimes even stop cops from abusing people in the first place. It’s important, but can be risky without preparation. This training prepares you to record the cops in a safe, legal, and effective way. Learn how to work in a small team to monitor police activity during large protests or everyday encounters in the neighborhood.

Questions? Call or text 404-939-7699


Discussion on Net Neutrality & Network Autonomy

Net Neutrality is dead. We know that this is bad, but how does it actually affect radical struggle? We know that we should resist it, but beyond calling congress what can we actually do?

Join us for a discussion on network autonomy. We will present work being done in Atlanta on off-grid wireless communication, mesh networks, and discuss possibilities for what community control over our communications infrastructure could look like.

Come with ideas, questions, and curiosity – no background in technology is required.

Let’s figure out how we can make truly free networks, and get to work creating them!

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