City backs down on their criminal case against political artwork

Earlier this year, APD tried to make us remove the political slogans we had painted all over our house.  No law exists which prohibits us from painting what we want on our house, but because our messages include things like “Power to the People”, “#justice4jamar” and “No Cops”, the police wanted to make an example of us.

But after multiple court appearances and considerable legal expenses, the city has finally admitted that they have no case.  All charges have been dropped.

The city’s failed effort to bully us is not just an attack on our freedom of expression.  It’s also part of a coordinated effort to “clean up” Edgewood and continue the process of moving poor black people out to make room for luxury homes and condos.  So while this case represents a victory, there is a larger fight against gentrification and development in the neighborhood that isn’t over.

We plan to bring a lawsuit against APD.  More updates to come!

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