Bitcoin for Anti-Capitalists

May 18, 2017 - 7:00 pm

Atlanta, GA

Bitcoin is a decentralized system for transferring money. Many free-market believers are in love with it, and some think it can solve all the world’s problems. We may not believe the hype, but what does bitcoin really do? And can it be useful to anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian resistance?
Bitcoin allows you to receive money even when fundraiser sites shut you down
Bitcoin helps you avoid government surveillance of your transactions
Bitcoin can help you send money to friends and family overseas
Bitcoin is useful for those without access to bank accounts
Come to this workshop to understand how this important technology works, and get experience using it yourself!
All skill levels are welcome.
Women, queer and trans folks (and other people traditionally excluded from tech discussions) are especially welcome.
This will be a hands-on workshop. If you have a computer and/or smartphone, bring it.
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