Street Tactics & Know Your Rights Trainings

December 3, 2016 - 2:00 pm


We are hosting two Resistance School trainings back-to-back. Come for either or both! Trainings are free and open to everyone except law enforcement.

Street Tactics – 2pm
Learn how to handle yourself and work together in the streets during a protest. Practice interacting with the media, communicating in chaotic environments, and learn what supplies to bring with you. Familiarize yourself with police formations and learn strategies for keeping each other safe from arrest and injury.

Know Your Rights – 4pm
Everyone needs to know what their rights are when dealing with the police. This training teaches how to assert your constitutional rights using real-life scenarios to educate in a fun and accessible way. Learn what to say and what not to say when stopped by the police, how to act in jail, and more.